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Today while walking Waikiki this woman approaches me and says something that I couldn’t make out because I was clearly listening to my music!!! 💆💆

Anyways, I pulled my earphones off and she repeated herself. “Hello, I hate to trouble you but if you’d be so kind; I lost my wallet and I’m from canada. I was wondering if you could spare maybe $5 so I could buy some water and food.

See, the old me would have threw a $20 in her hand in a heartbeat. And it’s not that I don’t care any less than I did before: it’s just; I really learned my lesson with ppl with stories like that.

Back when I used to work for subway I had to deal with a lot of the homeless community. I literally have countless stories I could share..

There was a man who walked in with his foot bleeding!! He asked if we could give him a bandaid and alcohol. I actually went to the back the grab the first aid kit. My supervisor gave me a warning soon after. “You know, that is only for the employees not for outsiders.”

Yes, I get it. But he was bleeding pretty badly. If I can do something about a situation, I will.

I guess the one experience I had with a homeless individual was with an elderly woman. This experience really changed my perspective and IS the reason why I am the way I am towards these types of situations now…

Again, this was while I was working for subway. I was taking out the trash and soon to be clocking out of work. I walked to the back ally and came across this woman digging in the trash. I kept my distance and she looked over at me. Naturally, I smiled and said hello. She walked two or three steps toward me when she uttered “could you pls spare a couple of dollars?” She told me a sob story which for all I know COULD HAVE been true.. That is until she started saying crazy things like; I’m an animal. I don’t know why I’m human. The animals speak to me. They’re so sad.

O___O I was about to runnnnnn!! Lmao, nah but I just listened to her because the way I see it; those ppl are seen as outcast… Who ever listens to what they have to say? No one really. Maybe all they need is someone that is wiling to listen.. And so I did. I let her talk and realized I needed to head back. I remembered I made a $20 tip and I had the bill in my pocket.. Yes, you already know… I handed it to her..

This story will be so long but I’ll cut to it. Ever since then she would come around my store.. Asking my coworkers “is roland around?” “Is he working today?” This was goings on for maybe a month (I’m not even kidding) It even came to a point where my coworker (being fricken dumb af) gave this woman my cell number and scheduled times to work. This woman called my cell one day and said “could you pls meet me by subway and buy me a phone card so I can call collect to blah blah (I remember it wasn’t even in the damn US) and I told her.. I’m sorry I’m no where near subway and I have things to do today.. She said pls over and over and gave me sob stories; she even cried!! And when I told her again; I can’t. SHEEEE SNAPPED!! “HOW DARE YOU!!! IM HOMELESS, IM HUNGRY!! YOU CANT EVEN HELP OUT AN OLD WOMAN?!? YOU ARE SO HEARTLESS! WHAT DRUGS DO YOU NEED TO BUY THAT YOU CANT HELP ME??”

See, everything went in one ear and out the other when she said all that.. I figured; she mad and kinda crazy so it don’t phase me.. But once she said “drugs” (and this was before I had even tried drugs so LOL) I snapped back at her. I basically told her, you obviously don’t know me. Don’t you ever try to contact me again. And for the record; I don’t do drugs.

That was pretty much the last I ever heard from her… Oh wait, actually maybe a month later she came in and wanted to order a sandwich. I was making it for her.. I still remember to. She wanted a buffalo chicken sandwich. When I wrapped it and brought it I the register I saw those puppy eyes she was giving me… “Could you pay for it? I don’t have any money.”

I just told her no, I can’t and literally just went back to working. We had a rush. I had no time. She stood there staring at all my coworkers and even the customers were judging me.. I mean for all I care the world can judge me. No one really knows why I am the way I am in these situations anymore. It’s because of this.

Some of these individuals know a kind heart when they see one. They take advantage… I no longer let them use that against me…

And so, with this woman I encountered today; my response when she asked if I could spare some money for water and food; I quickly replied “I’ll take you to that 7-11 across the street. I don’t have cash on me right now Aunty.”

She refused and said no, I wanted food from another place but thank you, you are a kind young man.

I mean, it is what it is. I offered to buy you food cause you said you were hungry..

Anyways, that’s none of my business.

I’m kinda freaked out that this dude followed me on instagram and all of a sudden he requests me on Facebook.. Wtf, I don’t recall ever putting my last name or anything to give away my Facebook account. I even spelt my last name wrong so no one could look me up. I’m so confused.


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Now I know what Coca Cola does all day.
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